About fiberclean


The general objective of the FIBERCLEAN project is to reduce or eliminate microfiber throughout the textile value chain through the use of different technologies, from the research and development of new fibers and fabrics that reduce the emission of microfibers during their manufacture, passing through systems efficient minimization processes applicable to the finishing and washing processes of these fabrics, and to large treatment plants that prevent these microfibers from reaching the marine environment through wastewater.

For the partners of the FIBERCLEAN consortium, the strategic objective of the project is to achieve an excellent competitive position within the place of the textile value chain, washing and purification that each one of them occupies, acquiring a strategic knowledge that allows them to anticipate the demands of its customers and offer products that are more environmentally friendly and that entail a reduction of the emission of microfibers of 30% throughout the entire value chain of the product, taking into account that individual or cumulative reductions can be obtained by 2 or more innovations , in line with the provisions of the EU Circular Economy Package.

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