15 May 2018

Fiberclean: A project to revalue synthetic fibers far from the seas

The company Depuración de Aguas del Mediterráneo (DAM) participates in the “Fiberclean” project, which will develop new fabrics that prevent, through different washes, the plastic fibers of synthetic garments from ending up in the aquatic environment and can be revalued.
7 June 2019

J. Sánchez: “FIBERCLEAN will help reduce the dumping of microplastics into rivers, seas or lakes”

On the occasion of June 8, World Oceans Day, we spoke with the researcher from DAM (Purification of Mediterranean Waters), Javier Eduardo Sánchez, about the work and main aspects that are being developed in the FIBERCLEAN project
6 October 2019

“It is necessary to study the presence of microplastics in the WWTP”

Silvia Doñate participated in the technical conference "Microplastics: emerging concern in waters", held within the framework of the International Fair for Efficient Water Management (EFIAQUA).
10 February 2020

Project to reduce plastic microfibers that end up in the seas

It is estimated that a wash of synthetic garments can release around 1,900 fibers of less than one millimeter into the water that the scrubbers cannot filter.
13 February 2020

DAM presents the potential of the FIBERCLEAN project at an international R+D+i forum

Javier Eduardo Sánchez has explained the main aspects of this research that aims to reduce the presence of microplastics in the receiving media.