SPB participates in the Fiberclean project
4 January 2019
The end of polluting tissues is near
7 March 2019

Polysistec, 100% involved in the Fiberclean Project

With the Fiberclean Project, it is expected to reduce or eliminate microfibers from the value chain with the use of different technologies, from the development of new fabrics and textiles that can reduce the emission of microfibers during their manufacturing process, also in efficient minimization systems, which can be applicable throughout the entire finishing and cleaning process, and finally in large wastewater treatment plants that can prevent these microfibers from reaching the marine environment through contaminated wastewater.

In addition, together with the concept of circular economy, a solution will be sought for the microfibers obtained in controlled production processes and the finishing of fibers and fabrics.

Polysistec’s participation in the FIBERCLEAN Project is part of the new textile solutions, and specifically that of research into new chemical additives for incorporation into fibers and / or fabrics, which allow reducing the emission of fibers throughout the value cycle of textile garments. The Fiberclean Project started in September 2017 and will end in August 2021.


R&D lines

Line 1:

Generating new yarns and fabrics is being studied to reduce the emission of microfibers from clothing during the manufacturing process and thus reduce their impact. In addition, new weaving techniques, finishes and treatments are being studied to reduce microfiber emissions in textile elements.

Companies involved:

  • Filament Manufacturer: ANTEX – Catalonia
  • Fabric, finishing and fiber cutting: TEXTIL SANTANDERINA – Cantabria
  • Additives company: POLYSISTEC – Catalonia.
  • Technology Center:
    • AITEX – Valencia
    • LEITAT – Catalonia
    • University of León – Castilla León
Line 2:

New technologies for the elimination or reduction of fibers are studied through chemical and mechanical systems compatible with the usual washing systems.

In addition, the microfiber collection and purification systems in massive water purification environments are being analyzed.

Companies involved:

  • Washing control systems: E.G.O. Appliance Controls – Catalonia.
  • Detergent company: SPB – Valencia
  • Water purifier manager: DAM – Valencia
  • Detection on the coast: MAGTEL – Andalusia
  • Technology Center:
    • LEITAT – Catalonia
    • CETIM – Galicia
    • University of León – Castilla y León
    • University of Córdoba – Andalusia

This Project is financed by the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI), within the framework of the call for the Cien Strategic Program (National Business Research Consortiums).